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Our history, mission and vision

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    IT Challenges is an international competition for Web and Mobile developers in limited timeframes on challenging tasks. Behind the scenes it aims to help companies and best developers to find each other. 

    IT Challenges is created for anyone, who would like to grow in skills. Our jury not only expecting the "right result" but also validates how exactly it was created, architecture etc. 

    Web direction is splitted into such nominations: Front-end HTML, Front-end JS, Back-end
    Mobile direction is splitted into such nominations: iOS, Android


    There are also nominations, which cover both directions: Design, QA


    Every nomination has two categories: Middle/Senior and Junior. Please choose category according to your self-assigned level of experience.

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    We believe that competitions is the best way to quickly upgrade skills and find weak sides. Every year we get feedback from competitors about it.

    If you can win such a competition - its says a lot about your skills and it helps to get work of your dream, if you're looking for one. It's a powerful tool for specialist's promotion. 


    We also helping our partners to see the best specialists on the market thru competitions. The best are always awarded in the final with prizes. In 2017 Web Summit awarded 1st and 2nd places with free tickets to their "the largest tech conference in the world".


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    IT Challenges 2018 is the 3rd competition from the very first version done in 2016, gathered 400+ registered developers from 30 countries, from whom 45 been selected for the final.


    In 2017 over 700 developers registered for IT Challenges from 36 countries and 67 been selected for the final.


    This year final competition takes place on 24-25th of March in Krakow, Poland.

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