Jeremy Keith
Jeremy Keith
Front-end, Ireland
Web-stuff-doer at Clearleft

An Irish web developer, working with Clearleft in Brighton, England.

His online home is adactio.com, where he has been writing for over fifteen years.

You can read his book Resilient Web Design online for free.

Alexei Vinogradov
Alexei Vinogradov
QA, Germany
Consultant / Selenide

Alexei has been working in various IT projects in Germany for more than 15 years. He consults about quality assurance, test automation and about how to keep calm and be a good tester. He is a developer of Selenide, and the founder and moderator of Radio QA podcast. 

Alexei is a passionate speaker who talked at many QA conferences, including SQA Days, Selenium Camp, Selenium Conference, Heisenbug, CodeFest, QA Fest.

Anna Kokhan
Anna Kokhan
Design, Germany
Senior UX/UI Designer at Daimler

Creative-minded designer, passionate about the interactions and trends but also loves transferring complex solutions into a clear UX design. Currently works as a Senior UX/UI Designer at Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) in Berlin. 

Anna has 5 years of experience of designing projects for the agencies and startups from all over the world. 


Fernando Cejas
Fernando Cejas
Android, Germany
Software Engineer at IBM Germany

Fernando Cejas is a Software Engineer focused on Mobile Platforms. He has worked for several companies in a wide variety of projects in J2ME, C-Sharp, Java, Php, Ruby, Scala and Kotlin in different contexts: Social networks, NFC/RFID Hardware Solutions, E-Commerce and Music Platforms. 


He has been involved on Android since its appearance and currently as part of his job he advocates developers by exploring new technologies, speaking at conferences and sharing knowledge.

Konrad Dzwinel
Konrad Dzwinel
Front-end, Poland
Front-end Developer at Brainly

Konrad is a front-end developer at Brainly and a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. Over the years he worked for various startups, consultancies and software houses building webapps, websites and hybrid apps.

Passionate about developer tools, he built many of his own. The most popular include HTML&CSS extraction tool, SnappySnippet, and a web debugging proxy, Betwixt. Konrad is also a Chrome DevTools contributor and an international speaker.

Gáspár  Nagy
Gáspár Nagy
QA, Hungary
self-employed at Spec Solutions

Gáspár Nagy is the creator and the main contributor of SpecFlow, regular conference speaker, blogger (http://gasparnagy.com), editor of the BDD Addict monthly newsletter (http://bddaddict.com), and co-author of the book "BDD Books: Discovery - Explore behaviour using Examples" (http://bddbooks.com).


Gáspár is an independent coach, trainer and test automation expert focusing on helping teams implementing BDD and SpecFlow. He has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development as he worked as an architect and agile developer coach.



Stan Malkin
Stan Malkin
Back-end, Germany
Founder of IT Challenges & Co-founder of Creativin

Stan has 10 years of commercial experience in development. From simple websites to huge CRM systems. Worked as a standalone developer and as a team leader, project manager. 

He loves to work with brilliant people.

Mariusz Gil
Mariusz Gil
Back-end, Poland
Co-owner at Source Ministry

Architect and CTO focused on high performance and scalable web applications. Trainer, consulant and conference speaker.

He has been working for several companies on PHP projects for millions of active users, from biggest social network and instant-messaging software in Poland to multi-billion PV content personalization and discovery platform.

Mariusz is also member of 4Developers and PHPcon Programme Commitees and one of core members behind PHPers, open meetups for PHP developers in many cities in Poland. Big-data enthustiast and data-sciencist wannabe. After hours, biker and rock guitarist. 





Guess Who
Guess Who
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